Monday, July 20


what an interesting, ironic and somewhat humorous transition! my last post of several months ago included a journal entry from my trip to Taize. and now, here i sit. in my own new, fledgling community. quietly. listening to the rain and the cars wooshing outside. the old, beat up window painted a pale and cracking yellow is half open. i can feel the gentle breeze come flowing in over the room, swirling around me. my bright white ipod headphones play me my brother's music, perfect for this weather.

it has been hard. it has been discouraging. it has been frustrating. it has been trying. it has been crying.

and it has been good.

p.s. seriously give my brother a listen. i think recovery is by far one of his best songs yet, the most developed and polished. wear headphones or you'll miss the more subtle parts that make music worth listening to. love you bro.


  1. why don't you post anymore?
    not that this is a good waste of your time,
    but seriously.
    why don't you post anymore??